About the Journal

The Journal of Applied Research in the Digital Economy (JADE) , a peer-reviewed journal of original articles, is committed to publishing high quality studies, which are practical relevant for the development of the Digital Economy.

The publishing language is English. The journal is accessible to all interested readers (NO FEES are charged for publication or subscription). JADE publishes articles as soon as they have been through the peer review and copy editing process, adding cumulatively to the content of an open issue each year. Special issues are normally published as the second issue of any given year. All papers are checked for plagiarism. The journal follows an open access policy, so all paper will be available at full length for open access. The copyright is reserved to the journal. Papers relate to the field of Digital Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation in Accounting, XBRL, Taxonomy Engineering, Digital Nudging, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Robotics. Manuscripts submitted should contain original unpublished research and should not be under consideration for possible publication elsewhere.

All other related issues that impact the overall development of the Digital Economy

  • Behavioural Economics; Digital Nudging; Changes on the classical economics, new methods, approaches and tools
  • Decision making methods in digital economy and innovation based models
  • The impact of Artifical Intelligence on the Digital Economy
  • Ethical consideration of Artifical Intelligence
  • Economic evaluation of scientific and technical programs
  • Educational technology and innovation
  • Impacts of the new resources on individual’s life
  • Innovation based management
  • Blockchain technology and applied business cases 
  • Knowledge management at the level of economic activity unit
  • Regional economic development strategy
  • Roles of educational system in people’s award
  • Roles of information, technology, and innovation in economic policies
  • Shape of digital divide
  • Strategies and implementations of the new models in the innovation based economy
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Robotics